LIONESS (By SwampRat)

The ship lazily floated in space, making a loop every few hours. Inside Nekobi
cursed. It just wasn’t fair! Ok — so he had had a few Derilian Loops and taken
the autopilot off. So he had played Space Cowboy, blasting Asteroids into
dust.. So one of the shots had been wide and he hit the damn thing.. Nobody
lost a ship to asteroid — Not since.. His head hurt. He drank caffene, and
tried to see what the damage was.

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Bunny fox

«Come here.»

He Hugged the male, holding the tear-streaked muzzle to his chest.

«I don’t Love you..»

He hugs tighter, not letting the fox pull away. Then leans over and Squeezes
the red-furred butt.

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Birthday Gift

«Hey love. How are you doing today?» a sexy feminine voice asked.

I leaned over to look at my gorgeous lover. She’s such a great woman. She’s a white with orange fur vixen, petite breasts and a great pussy and ass.

«I’m just fine, thanks. You were incredible last night,» I chuckle still admiring her.

«Well, so were you,» she smiled back, admiring my soft white bunny fur and lovingly playing with my black ear tips.

«Well, do you want to make breakfast or shall I?» she asked.

«I’ll do it… as a tribute to you, dear,» I said smilingly.

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«Wow, what a show» I hear a voice call out, as I gasp and freeze in fear of being discovered.

I look up to see a dragon standing in the doorway of my bedroom, having watched me jerk off.

«I think I’m going to like you for a roommate,» he said as he comes in and closes the door behind him.

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Halloween Story

It’s a pitch black night. The moon is flooding the lands with it’s light as two dark figures fly overhead. The whispers of wings flapping can be heard as the bats fly closer to their destination.

Soon the bats fly low and begin to change shape into vampire bunnies.

Thankfully these kind of vampires don’t prey on blood, but on juices of tomatoes instead.

The vamp bunnies glance at each other and begin to feast on the farmer’s stock of tomatoes…..slurping loudly as they drained the juices from their «victims». After having satisfied their thirst., they go over into the dark shadows.

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Digimon Tail (by Fox)

Wargreymon and Weregarubumon sat panting, resting a little after their recent battle with one of the dark masters.

«Oh man. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.» War said to Were.

«Yeah, I feel the same way,» Were replied glancing a little at War’s tight looking underwear underneath his loin cloth.

War was also glancing at Were’s tight revealing pants.

He moved closer cuddling next to Were, and suddenly looked down into his eyes. Were does the same thing. Both reach out to kiss the other.

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Alex Reynard — Down The Drain ( a yiffy weirdness tale by Alex Reynard)

Melissa Comeran, a young, single mouse-on-her-own was at the moment taking time out from her usual summer schedule for a much more pleasant activity; a long hot shower. The shy, dust-colored mousette loved spending an afternoon tending to her garden, but what she didn’t love was how dirty and sweaty it got her. She smiled brightly as the nice warm water pulsed over her shapely body. She shut her eyes and let out a contented murr. She raised her arms and turned around, humming tunelessly as the shower washed away the daily grime. Her auburn hair fell behind her back in clingy strands. The flow of the water over her short brown fur was so relaxing.

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