«Wow, what a show» I hear a voice call out, as I gasp and freeze in fear of being discovered.

I look up to see a dragon standing in the doorway of my bedroom, having watched me jerk off.

«I think I’m going to like you for a roommate,» he said as he comes in and closes the door behind him.

«Hi. I’m Ken, your new roommate,» he said extending his paw. I do the same, and say «I’m Dan. Sorry about not being more discreet. I didn’t hear anyone come in.»

«Hey, that’s okay. I don’t bite,» he chuckled. «So, can I begin were you left off?» he asked as he removed his pants and tight black underwear, revealing a huge 9″ dick.

I gasped as I look at it, «Oh gods is he big. I don’t think that’ll ever fit my ass,» I think to myself.

He bends over to lick my fox cum off of my paws and dick, «Hmm, tasty.»

I moan as I feel his tongue lick my cock tip, getting hard again.

He continues to bob his head up and down, throating me with ease.

I groan as he fondles my balls and fingers my tail hole, making me yip and arch back panting as I suddenly spurt fox spunk down his throat.

«Oh, wow. You sure do get straight to the point don’t you?» I ask.

«Hey, when you’re horny, you gotta do what ya gotta do,» he said.

He then turns around to point his massive dick in front of my face. I gently lick the tip and start to suck hard on the head. «Oh, yeah. That’s the stuff,» he hissed.

I take as much as I can, and suck rapidly, fondling his balls as I’m doing so.

I soon feel his dick throb and pulse, as his balls contract and I quickly pull away, murring in amazement as I watch his huge load spurt all over. «Oh, man was that ever good. But it can get better,» he gasped and turned over to look at me smiling.

He then turns around to lift his tail, exposing his ass.

I don’t need any prompting, and run my paws along his tail base, searching for his hole.

As I find it, I push several of my fingers in. I groan as I feel his ass tighten around them.

«Wow. It’s going to be like fucking a virgin,» I thought to myself.

I then mount him, aiming my dick towards his hole. I soon start to slowly push in, sliding in easily thanks to my spunk and his saliva.

I hear him grunt as I push in deeper, suddenly in him all the way with what feels like room to grow in.

I gasp and swear murring loudly as I start to pump in and out of his ass.

I begin to moan as I feel his ass tighten around my dick, with each thrust. As I’m fucking him, my paws go down towards his twitching member. I begin to slowly jerk him off while fucking him at the same time.

«Oh, yeah. Do it to me you sexy fox,» he growls.

I know I’m not going to last long, so I quickly push in as deep as I can, pushing my knot in, which causes his ring to expand even more. I growl a little as his ass tightens hard around my knot, making my breathless as I start to spurt myself inside him.

I hear Ken hissing and grunting as I feel his dick throbbing and suddenly spurting dragon cum all over the floor.

I give a weak cry as I collapse on top of him, croaking, «I’m going to love having you for a roommate.»

«Hmm, the feeling is mutual,» he purrs, smiling back at me.

We soon both fall asleep, to tired to do anything else.


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