The ship lazily floated in space, making a loop every few hours. Inside Nekobi
cursed. It just wasn’t fair! Ok — so he had had a few Derilian Loops and taken
the autopilot off. So he had played Space Cowboy, blasting Asteroids into
dust.. So one of the shots had been wide and he hit the damn thing.. Nobody
lost a ship to asteroid — Not since.. His head hurt. He drank caffene, and
tried to see what the damage was.

Not as bad as it could have been, but worse that he had hoped. Main engine
down, Hyperlight Drive down, Food processor.. ‘Don’t even Think about it!’ he
told his queasy stomach, fishing through the ‘First-Aid’ kit for a Sober-up. 2
pills and another cup of caffene — he wouldn’t grace the glop with a name —
later, Ned sighed and searched for the nearest inhabitable system.. Oh Joy — 1
planet worth calling such. Inhabited by a Predominantly Feline race. Barely
above Stone Age, Spoke Common though.. Thank Gods for small favors. He Didn’t
want to hypno-learn some backwards lingo.

In the mean time he had to fix what was fixable and hope to hell other ships
came this way.. Otherwise it was — «Marooned on a Planet with a bunch of Cats!
No. Thank. You.»

* * * *

It took a week of growling and barking knuckles and not much sleep before he
circled the planet, looking for someplace to land the ‘Piece Of Junk’ as it had
been re-christened many times. There wasn’t a spaceport, but a large field did
the job.. And almost finished the job the meteor had started. But it got down in
somewhat one piece and the pilot was only a Little shaken around.. As Ned
looked around, he noticed the air was blue, the grass was green and the road
was Dirt. «Just wonderful!» Taking a booster to kill just about every living
microbe that could attack him, he opened the hatch. Clean air.. Not filtered,
re-conditioned, or scrubbed. He hated the place already.

As he examined the ‘heap’, growling with each new piece of twisted metal found,
He noticed he wasn’t alone.. A pair of inhabitants were walking up the roadway
towards him. Even from a distance, they were distinctly female. ‘Well — Maybe I
am not so bad off after all.’ As they got closer Ned noticed they were taller
than he was and Much better built.. Which didn’t distract from the view of 4
breasts jiggling and 2 pairs of sexy legs that ended in a patch of fur that
Just covered things. In fact as they walked closer he could just see their…

«Broken?» One of them purred huskily. The human’s crotch-piece sudden got Very
tight. «I.. Umm.. Yeah. Ship not working. I — I work just fine.» The one with
green eyes and larger breasts purred slightly. «Help Fix?» The man wasn’t sure
what they were referring to as they came closer. Their natural muskiness made
him giddy as he turned his back.. To feel one of them press against him,
reaching around to grip a piece of steel, and Yank on it.. ‘Oh Jeez.’ He moved
back against the feline, not thinking as his head rubbed between the big
muscular tits. The 2 felines made noises and Ned suddenly founds himself the
filling in a fur-sandwich. «Fix ship later.. Fix you now?»

Before he could so much as blink his shirt was off and 2 pair of strong furred
hands were working his chest, shoulders and belly over. «Oh Godssss..» He had
heard of such things but Never actually been between Two.. A hand slid lower
and he gasped as more purrs and growls from the twin amazons over what they
found. The one in back slid down to her knees while the one in front stared at
him with brown/red eyes. «You Like?» She purred, gripping his already hard
dick, somehow making it bigger as she slid his pants down.

Did he ever! Then the one behind him was licking the sweat from his
butt-cheeks, while the one in front ground her big muscular body against the
now almost naked man.. «I.. I..» Then his mouth was full of tit and his cock
was being pressed against something warm and wet and.. He Bit down as he felt
the female open sliding the head into what had to be the hottest ‘box’ he had
ever humped before. There was a hiss, and more sank in, Ned trying to do
something besides chew on the nipple and furry breast his face was tight
against. Of course when you have someone with an arm bigger around than your
leg holding you forcefully in place…

A nip on his rear reminded him there were 2 felines, his butt now being
attacked, legs pushed apart so a cool nose could move his balls around.. It was
too much and Ned screeched, cumming hard enough to see spots dance before his
eyes as he was slammed in fully, muscles gripping him so erotically and tightly
he came a second time.. The man was as limp as a rag-doll in their grip —
except in one place. And That wasn’t Allowed to get limp as the other feline
came around to get her turn, sliding herself on the man-meat, reaching down to
caress the shrunken balls, getting them to fill again with her sister’s

It didn’t take much squeezing the shaft with a strong milking motion before it
splattered it’s seed into her waiting vagina. Removing her big hands, she let
the man dangle, attached only by his dick.. She growled and worked herself
against him, getting a fourth and final dribbling before the thing went soft —
And Stayed that way, despite both felines working on it. They let him lay in
the grass, stroking him, licking the sweat off him, deciding he wasn’t going to
come to anytime soon. Sitting, legs crossed they chatted about the weather, the
distance to the next village and strange males who wore hides like the
hill-people but humped better. Every now and again a muscular hand would reach
over and rub the man’s crotch or chest, getting a moan and not much else..

Finally one of them tossed him over a shoulder and the 2 took him ‘home’,
taking turns satisfying themselves.

* * * *

The ship found the beacon by accident, but it since it was only a couple
standard months old they decided to investigate.. in a quiet village, they
found 2 Defiantly female felines, and one old man who could barely hold
himself up. His hair was white, his knees wobbled.. He looked like he would
croak any day..

«My wives..» he smiled, as the 2 men gawked openly. When they gathered Some of
their wits back, the patrol asked if he needed any help and he shook his head.

«They are going to help me fix my Ship.. As soon as they finish fixing me.» he
wheezed a laugh, teetering to one side — to have a big arm prop him up.
«Shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to satisfy these 2..» They nodded
sagely, saying nothing at the throaty purrs nor the hungry looks.

«You will return again?» one of them said, breasts — and 2 heads — moving with
each breath.

«Ummmm.. We should be getting some leave Real Soonlike.» His partner agreed
wholeheartedly.. Especially when one of them helped the old man out and the
other moved to grab their crotches.

«We are taken — But our Sisters would be most happy to Show you our meager
hospitality…» A squeeze and she too turned, hips swiveling as only a feline
can. They both took off for the ship to report their findings — and to get some
time off.. To help the natives with the ship, of course.

In the house, one female had her hand in the old-man’s crotch, and was
caressing his semi-erection. «Eat, Rest.. Then we mate again.»

Nekobi grinned.. in a few more days he would have them worn out and Then he
could make some demands. Yep, Just a few more days…

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