It’s a pitch black night. The moon is flooding the lands with it’s light as two dark figures fly overhead. The whispers of wings flapping can be heard as the bats fly closer to their destination.

Soon the bats fly low and begin to change shape into vampire bunnies.

Thankfully these kind of vampires don’t prey on blood, but on juices of tomatoes instead.

The vamp bunnies glance at each other and begin to feast on the farmer’s stock of tomatoes…..slurping loudly as they drained the juices from their «victims». After having satisfied their thirst., they go over into the dark shadows.

«So, what do you want to do now?,» the white and black male bunny asked the other.

The other male vamp who had black fur with a patch of white on his chest and head fur, turned and said «I don’t know. What do you want to do?»

«Well….it’s been awhile since we had a good fuck, how about we go find some others?» the white bunny replied.

«Sounds good to me,» the black vamp said, and stroked his hard on before changing into a bat and flying off.

The other bunny does the same and they both flap around looking for their sex victims.

They soon fly overhead a small town and notice several impressive looking male fox and coyote hanging out in front of a store.

They drop down several blocks away and change back into their bunny forms. Since it’s Halloween, they didn’t bother losing their cloaks. They walked up and approached the pair.

The fox was wearing a costume of a pop singer and the coyote had on a costume of a magician.

«Wow. Those are cool costumes you guys have on,» the fox said as they approached.

«Thanks. Yours aren’t bad either,» the white bunny replied.

«We noticed you guys earlier and was wondering if you would like to come to a party that we’re hosting?» the black bunny asked.

The fox and coyote looked at each other and shrugged. «Sure why not. Beats doing what we were going to do,» the coyote said.

«Great. Follow us then please. It’s not very far from here.» The black bunny said.

The fox and coyote soon followed the rabbits towards a spooky looking old house, that looks like its about to fall apart.

«Cool place for the party,» the fox murmured. He hugged the coyote as they got closer.

«Yes it is, isn’t brother dear?» the black one asked.

«Yup. Got a great deal for this place,» the white one said.

They soon went in and as eyes grew used to the darkness, they noticed that they weren’t the only ones invited. There were several other male and female furs wearing costumes. Some were elaborate while others were simple ones.

Everyone mingled enjoying the music and wolfing down on the free food that was available. Soon the clock struck midnight.

«All right everyone, now that you’ve had a chance to relax, we can now begin the party in earnest,» the black vamp bunny said.

«By the way, my name is David, and this is Ben,» he said gesturing towards his white brother.

Soon the lights dimmed down and everyone huddled together as the lightning flashed and thunder crackled.

«Let’s begin,» Dave said with a smirk.

He motioned for the others to follow him and they took a tour of the place, Dave pointing out curiosities and Ben was following behind….tickling some of the female and male guests as they passed him.

Some glared back at him, but others looked at him with a more knowingly smile.

Soon everyone was back in the living room. «All right everyone how was that?» Dave asked.

Everyone murmured that it was interesting, but when was the fun going to begin.

Dave and Ben came together and soon started to disrobe themselves…..making sure everyone looked into their eyes.. mesmerizing them with their powers.

«All right everyone. Here’s what you’re going to do…’re going to give us and each other fuck pleasure til the sun comes up,» they said in unison.

Everyone else had that glazed look in their eyes and soon turned back to normal.

The glanced at each other and started to feel a bit strange. They all felt incredibly horny and started to strip out of their costumes. Soon everyone was looking at each other in their nakedness and started to hug and caress each other..males doing males and women doing women first..then some moving on to be with their respective partners while others remained together……

Ben and Dave were getting hard as they watched the orgy begin in it’s earnest. They soon stripped themselves and started to mingle in with who ever they wanted to….. starting with the males first.

As soon as they approached everyone looked up to them and started to want to do their own to please them…. Entranced as they were in the first place by them….. Ben and Dave commanded them to continue as they were while they selected whom they wanted first.

It didn’t take long for them to spot the ones they wanted with big dicks. Everyone was getting hard and soon coming close to orgasms. Dave and Ben looked at each other and each was thinking the same thing, «How long will this group last?….» their last one didn’t last very long….only for a few hours….

Ben went towards a Bear who was sucking on a horse, while Dave went towards a Horse who was fucking a dog.

They commanded their «captives» to follow them and left the room as the orgy continued on and everyone soon groaned, growled, and gasped as they reached their first orgasms of the night. There would be plenty more depending on how long they lasted.

Bend and Dave soon started to work on their yiff mates. Ben went down and sucked hard on the Bear’s hard cock while Dave stroked the Horse’s dick to hardness again.

The Bear bucked and growled deep as he felt intense pleasure from Ben’s licking and sucking.

Dave soon got the horse’s cock up and and licking it, saliva dripping all over the huge member.

Dave positioned himself to sit on the horse, and soon spread his legs and wide as he could as he felt his ass muscles tighten in protest and then soon gasped loudly as the horse’s dick come pushing through his anal ring as he pushed himself deeper onto the horse until he was completely in, balls resting against the horse’s.

Ben soon stopped sucking on the Bear’s dick and turned to watch his vamp brother fucking himself on the Horse’s huge cock.

He soon pushed the Bear down and started to mount himself onto the bear’s big cock. Ben grunted as he felt the bear’s dick tear his ass apart… gasping and grunting from the intense pain and pleasure…

He moved himself towards his brother and leaned down to suck on Dave’s dick as he pumped himself up and down onto the bear’s ursine cock.

Dave moaned as he felt the horse’s dick going in and out of his ass….tightening his muscles as he felt the horse’s knot come close to entering him and as his brother Ben sucked hard on his dick……..

As they were reaching their climax… they could hear the others groaning and panting heavily as they cummed all over each other and into each other….

Ben and Dave continued their onslaught and soon were rewarded as the bear suddenly growled and pushed into Ben’s tight ass…. Forcing his knot to go in and spread his anus even more….which caused Ben to gasp and tighten his ass around the bear’s dick as the bear thrusted in deep and spurted inside him.

Ben moaned and groaned as he felt the bear’s seed cum into him….making him twitch and spurt all over Dave’s face……

Dave moaned as he saw his brother’s seed come spurting at him….and grunted as he pushed himself to the max on the horse’s dick…finally getting the knot in and tightened hard around the horse…..causing the horse to buck and neigh as he spurted his hot equine seed into Dave’s ass.

Dave gasped as he felt the horse’s seed empty into him and pushed his dick deep down into Ben’s mouth …. Panting and moaning as he spurted his seed into his brother’s waiting maw….who drank every drop of the sweet carrot taste….

Both of the bunnies lay panting as their asses spurted out the bear’s and horse’s cum…dripping all over their lover’s balls and tails……

The rabbits recovered quickly and left the bear and horse to their own devices as they returned to the party and saw that the others were going at it again for a second time…. Allowing them to relax a bit as they selected their next victims……..

This time they approached the fox and coyote…bringing them as well as a dog and lion along for a four some……..

This time… Ben and Dave watched as they commanded the fox, coyote, lion, and dog to fuck each other……..

The fox and coyote soon started to work on each other, while the lion and bitch pumped each other.

The lion pushed the bitch onto all fours and started to lick her vagina…. Spreading them apart to quickly lick her clit with his rough tongue, which caused her to gasp and groan in pleasure….

The fox and coyote were kissing and sucking on each other…getting themselves hard….

Soon the coyote pushed the fox onto all fours and lifted his tail, as he began to lick and probe the tail hole with is tongue…causing the fox to murr and pant in pleasure….

The bitch was soon growling and panting in pleasure as the lion began to mount her…getting his huge 9″ dick to penetrate her…. She growled and pushed back as the lion started to thrust into her… both of them gasping as he felt her tightness and pushed harder…. Til he was all the way in.

The bitch groaned and reeled from the intense pleasure she was feeling as the lion thrusted in and out of her, placing his paws to fondle her breasts and play with her clit.

She gasped and tighten herself around the lion’s dick…. He growled in response and thrusted in deeper….pushing his knot into her….leaning his head back as he roared in pleasure of her tightness….

Fox and the coyote were soon gasping for breath as the coyote pumped himself in and out of his lover’s tail hole… pawing off on his lover as well…..

Ben and Dave were soon hard again and moved themselves to get into the fray.

Ben shoved his dick down the fox’s throat and commanded him to deep throat him, while Dave moved towards the lion and started to mount him…. Moving the tail aside and grasping the lion’s hips as he pushed in fast and hard… forcing all of his 10″ member into the lion’s tight tail hole……

The Lion bucked back and roared even more as the intense flames of lust were overwhelming him… he continued to thrust hard into the bitch’s tight twat as she gasped and came again…soaking his dick with her juices…

The fox and coyote were soon grunting as the coyote thrusted in deep, his knot tying himself with his lover as he growled and leaned his head back as he howled and cummed deep inside the fox’s ass.

The fox groaned and soon spurted all over the ground as his lover’s paw jerked him off….

The Fox continued to suck hard on Ben’s dick… licking and fondling the rabbit vamp’s balls….

Ben soon groaned as he felt himself cumming near…. His sharp pointed teeth revealing themselves again as he thrusted himself deep into the fox’s throat… panting and pushing head down…as he suddenly grunted and spurted deep into the fox’s throat…. Loads of cum dripping from the fox’s maw…..

Dave soon thrusted himself hard and deep into the lion’s ass as the lion roared his pleasure and spurted deep into the bitch’s pussy… tightening his ass even more around Dave’s dick. The black bunny quickly thrusted deep, his balls banging against the lion’s as he leaned over to the lion’s neck and gave him a quick bite with his two sharp teeth.

The lion mewed as the rabbit bite him in pleasure and stopped as soon as he came…..

Dave mmmmed as he felt himself spurting deep into the lion’s tight ass…. Soon everyone was tired and rested for a bit as Dave and Ben quickly recuperated…..

«You know the fox and coyote are really good…. It would be a shame to let them die….» Ben said.

«Yes, they do look like it don’t they?» Dave replied.

They both decided to spare the fox and coyote and let them go…… unaware of what has happened.

The fox and roo were certainly surprised to find themselves outside of an old house…their asses and dicks sore from the intense orgy…


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