Wargreymon and Weregarubumon sat panting, resting a little after their recent battle with one of the dark masters.

«Oh man. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.» War said to Were.

«Yeah, I feel the same way,» Were replied glancing a little at War’s tight looking underwear underneath his loin cloth.

War was also glancing at Were’s tight revealing pants.

He moved closer cuddling next to Were, and suddenly looked down into his eyes. Were does the same thing. Both reach out to kiss the other.

While their kissing, their paws roam down towards their bulging coverings.

«Well, what do we have here?» Were asked as he pulled down War’s loin cloth and tight black underwear to reveal a big 12″ dick.

«Ohh, yeas that feels good,» War cries out as his friend’s tongue lick along his shaft.

«Hmmm, so good,» Were moans as he begins to bob his head up and down, fondling War’s balls and grasping his dick tight.

He continues to slurp moving around so he can get to it easier. War soon pulls down Were’s tight pants, to revel his 10″ hard cock popping out of it’s sheath.

«Wow, you’re not bad either» War moans as he begins to suck his friend.

Both are soon gasping and grunting fondling and sucking each other, eyes closed in bliss.

«Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some fucking,» Were growled into War’s ears.

«You’ve read my mind,» War whispered back.

Were bend over on all fours, lifting his tail up to expose his tight pink tail hole.

War leans close to lick it, and probe a finger into it.

Were hissed a little as his friend’s two finger probing.

War soon places his 12″ dick against it, rubbing and teasing Were.

«Ohh, gods. It feels so good,» Were gasped as he felt War slowly pump into him.

War grunted as he feels Were’s ass tighten around his invading pole.

He soon pushes in all the way, Were crying a little at the pain of having him in completely.

War moans as he starts to slowly pump in and out of his friend’s ass.

As he fucking his friend, he reaches over to Were’s thighs and pushes them further apart, grasping his dick.

He squeezes it tight and start to jerk him off, while fucking him at the same time.

Both knew they wouldn’t last very long. Soon War pumps in and out faster, grinding his dick against Were’s prostrate.

Were gasp for breath as he feels his climax nearing. War suddenly grunts and pushes in as deep as he can, thrusting hard into Were’s ass, spurting his dino seed deep inside.

Were moans, and starts to spurt all over the ground as War’s paws tighten around his dick and jerks harder. He howls as he cums, feeling his friend’s seed hit his prostate.

Both soon lay gasping for breath and cuddle against each other.

«Oh man. That was fantastic,» Were growled lustly.

«Yeah. It felt wonderful. Too bad we can’t remain in this mode for longer,» War panted back.

«Hey, that’s okay. At least we can still fuck each other in rookie mode,» Were groaned.


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