«Come here.»

He Hugged the male, holding the tear-streaked muzzle to his chest.

«I don’t Love you..»

He hugs tighter, not letting the fox pull away. Then leans over and Squeezes
the red-furred butt.

«For that matter you have a cute ass too.»

He chuckles and pushed the now startled Fox on his back and lays beside him,
rubbing his belly.

«I Will stay until the storm lifts some..»

He strokes the reddish cock, leaning over to kiss it, liking the scent, the

«And we shall see what happens, Ok?»

He looked into those beautiful green eyes, streaked red from crying, knowing it
was only a matter of time before he Did love the silly male who hugged him

«Whatever you want Love.»

Rabbit squeezed the foxes nuts, getting a moan and the canine cock spurting a
little pre-cum.

«What I want is a bath, and something to eat. Then..»

He kissed his Lover again, leaving his desire unsaid, but it was obvious when a
paw curled around his dick.

«Do you have to have a bath Right Now?»

Claws stroked him to erection, making him moan and wriggle.

«Well, Maybe not right now… Oh Gods!»

Lips engulfed him to the sheath, sucking hungrily, paw gripping his rear,
squeezing his cheeks, sliding away to torture his nipples when his hips started
thrusting wildly.

«Oh.. Suck on me, you Damn Fox!»

His teeth clenched in ecstasy, gripping the furry arms, semen jetting into the
hot canine muzzle.

«Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes!» he babbled, falling
onto his back, holding the fox’s head between his legs until he could see
again, feeling the warm breath ruffle his belly-fur.

«That was incredible.. Oh Gods, Don’t Dooo…»

He screeched as a tongue stroked his dick, the head bobbing on him, making his
hips thrust up and his balls contract in a paw which was rolling and squeezing
them gently. More bunny-cum disappeared in Fox’s throat, Loving the taste, the
feel.. Loving Rabbit. He curled around the bunny, sucking on his cock gently
like a pacifier, falling back to sleep.. Rabbit got his breath back, rubbing
the furry body that lay on him, feeling the gentle suction.

«Damn if you Don’t love me..»

He lay back, rubbing the fox’s ears, half-asleep himself.

«Maybe I will stay a while. Your place is Much better furnished than my hole in
the ground. And you really do give good head.»

A sleepy murr and a warm tongue swirling along his still sensitive cock the
only reply. The bunny let sleep overtake him, knowing he could stand to skip a
meal.. As long as it was just A meal. He chuckled, wondering what lay in store
for 2 silly furs. But later for that. Now sleep.

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