«Hey love. How are you doing today?» a sexy feminine voice asked.

I leaned over to look at my gorgeous lover. She’s such a great woman. She’s a white with orange fur vixen, petite breasts and a great pussy and ass.

«I’m just fine, thanks. You were incredible last night,» I chuckle still admiring her.

«Well, so were you,» she smiled back, admiring my soft white bunny fur and lovingly playing with my black ear tips.

«Well, do you want to make breakfast or shall I?» she asked.

«I’ll do it… as a tribute to you, dear,» I said smilingly.

She laughed and got up to take a shower while I went to the kitchen to make us breakfast.

Thankfully she doesn’t mind the occassional veggie in our foods (Foxes are omnivors).. I made a simple egg omelet with veggies and some sausage in it just as Viva came out of the shower.

«Hmm, smells great. You’re such a good cook,» she smiled.

«Thank you dear.»

We set down to eat, and after we’re done she goes to wash the dishes while I take my shower.

After I get done and dressed, Viva asked, «So.. have you decided what you want on your birthday?»

«Not really. You can just surprise me,» I reply.

She smiles a knowing smile, I can sense that she had indeed a big surprise for me planned.

«Well, off to work,» I said.

«See you home soon, dear,» Viva replied.

I start riding my bike to where I work as a freelance newspaper reporter and or ad layout person… Luckily since I got a head start, I decided to take a detour and go through the park.

While riding, I noticed my other lover riding ahead of me.

«Hey, Dave!» I call out as I approach.

He turns around and waves back, slowing a little so I can catch up.

«What are you doing here?» the big dog asked.

«Just taking a short detour to work since I have a bit more time,» I reply.

«That’s great,» he says with a smirk.

I grin back knowing what he’s going to say next.

«Say, if you have more time before work, how about a quick yiff?» he growled softly.

«I thought you’d never ask,» I reply feeling very yiffy since last night and seeing him in those tight bicycle shorts.

We ride a bit further and then go off into the shadows of trees that are nearby.

After making sure no one is around and that we’re well hidden, we start to kiss and fondle each other.

«Gods, you make me so horny,» Dave said as I rubbed hard against his sheath and tweaked his nipple.

«Hmm, you do the same thing for me buddy,» I groan as he finger my hole and bends to quickly lick inside my sheath.

«Gah,» I cry out as my dick pops out of it’s sheath.

I hear Dave moan as his dick comes out of hiding as well.

Soon we’re both on the ground 69’ing each other..

Both of us pant and humm as we’re sucking on each other, trying to make the other cum first.

I don’t last long against Dave’s tongue and soon thrust up to empty my bunny spunk into his mouth. He slurps it all and soon growls as he thrust into me and spurt his dog spunk into mine.

«Gasp, that feels so good when we do that,» Dave pants…

«Yeah. Damn you’re good with that tongue. No one else can make me cum so fast,» I reply..

«Feh.. you’re not so bad either..» he replies.

We both then get dressed and head off to work, riding along in silence and giving each other quirky looks.

Later that day, after finishing some paperwork and a few articles, I’m able to get off work, and I decide to take a detour to the gym before heading home to work out some unwanted stress and to clean up.

Afterwards, and thinking some wishful thinking after looking at some of the guys, I head home.

I enter to my house seeing nothing but blackness. «Hmm, looks like Viva planned something for my birthday..» I think to myself as I enter.

As soon as I close the door several people popped out and shouted «Surprise!».

And I was surprised cause they were all naked!!!

I stared at the bodies of my friends Dave, Ben (a bear), his wife Francine (a lioness), and Frank a new found lover I had (a horse) and lovers.. wondering what was going on.

«Hey, bunny boy. Happy Birthday,» Viva said.

«Thanks, hon. Why are all of you naked?» I ask, couldn’t help but stare at some of my friends’ well endowments, and breasts.

«Why, were here to give you an orgy birthday present,» Dave replied.

I shivered a little in ectasy at the thought..

Before things got started how ever, we had a «traditional» birthday party.. cake was made and passed out, I opened up a few presents they bought for me, and then things got really raunchy.

We were soon playing adult version of some kiddie games, such as spin the bottle- only this version was spin the vibrator.

Who ever it pointed to, the person who spun it got to use it on that person and him/herself….

Needless to say, everyone was hard and horny soon after.

Soon everyone was whispering amongst themselves, and I sat «innocently» waiting to see what they had planned for me next……

Viva soon reached behind me and pinned my arms back. While she was doing that, Dave came over and bent down to lick and suck on my bunny cock. After he got started, I felt a finger probe my tail hole, and then another feminine one. After they withdrew, I felt Ben’s huge dick push against me. I groan and gasped as I felt Dave sucking me and Ben soon began to thrust harder into me, pushing my anal muscles apart. While he was doing that, I felt Viva release her hold on me and tied me down. Soon she and Francine entered my field of vision. They soon started to play with each other, as their husbands sucked and fucked me. Frank moved before me, his huge equinine dick standing in front of my face. I soon started to lick and suck on it as he started to thrust himself into my throat.

I hmmm and moaned as I felt my climax nearing, much sooner than usual thanks to the guys’ sucking and humping me.

Meanwhile Viva and Francine were going at like wild cats. Francine was slurping and sucking on Viva’s breasts while Viva was tonguing Francine’s pussy. Both were murring with pleasure as they came again and again against each other.

Soon I felt myself grunting as my dick spurted hot bunny seed down Dave’s throat, and my ass muscles tightened against Ben’s huge bear cock in response causing him to roar and thrust deep into, spurting his bear seed deep into me, hitting my prostrate.

Frank soon throbbed hard and started to spurt horse spunk. He quickly pulled out and spurted all over me, and my other male lovers.

All of us were laying together, hugging each other and gasping for breath after our climaxes went down. «Oh, gods. Do you guys know how to give a guy a present or what!» I groaned.

«Well, just be glad we only do this once a year. You’d probably wouldn’t last if we did it twice,» Viva teased.

«Oh, really? How about we find out?» I asked, getting up and moving towards her.

Everyone laughed as she pretended to squeak a bit as I came down into her and the others moved into position to fuck me and her again…

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